Mediport System

The mediport imaging workstation provides imaging and data retrieval in a secure, reliable manner to healtcare professionals. Designed to integrate into both patient care and restricted areas such as the OR, the system provides an ergonomicaly designed user interface and generous display area in a scalable form factor for use in multi-display applications. The system can be surface mounted, cart mounted or embedded into walls.







The Amicus blood platelet seperater is an automated system for the real time seperation and harvesting of blood components. The system is portable and provides all the necessary technology to seperate blood products. The system includes a centrifuge and user display that allows the operater to set up a procedure prior to operation. A disposable set configured for specific procedures insures proper processing of blood products.






Wellspring Irrigator

the Wellspring irrigator is a programmable surgical site irrigation control sytem that utilizes a custom disposable to deliver fluids to surgical site in order to maintain visibility during surgical procedures.



Wellspring Disposable

QDG has designed and developed several custom disposables to be used with sytems in critical medical applications. From hard to mold geometries to fluid dynamics we innovate all aspects of the disposable while optimizing material usage and carbon footprint of the consumables in a system.


HomeChoice Pro Automated Peritoneal Dialysis System

This device is used by dialysis patients at home or while traveling for self therapy. The device can be operated overnight as the patient sleeps.

The main attributes of the system are ideal for the home environment. It is compact, easy to use and unobtrusive.

The system also integrates memory card technology allowing the user to upload information to a web enabled therapy management web site.